Maintenance Team

Work with your hands, stay on the move, solve people’s problems, never get bored, and never stop learning. As a residential property management (RPM) maintenance technician, you’ll prepare apartments for new residents, make repairs for people already living there, and perform upkeep to make the community the best it can be.

This job and career path provide advantages you can’t always find elsewhere, even in other maintenance jobs:

  • Range of work and knowledge: You’ll be trained and called on to fix problems with plumbing, electricity, heating, cooling, locks, carpentry, and more.
  • Variety: No two days are alike. You’ll have different tasks in different apartments, meeting and helping different people.
  • Full-time, year-round work: You won’t experience seasonal lulls, the way you might as an HVAC contractor or other maintenance specialist.
  • Personal interaction: You’ll get to know the people you are helping in the community, and they’ll be thankful for what you do.
  • A maintenance technician job is good for self-motivated problem-solvers who are eager to learn, and may be especially suited to someone with military, construction, contracting, or home repair experience — or technical school training. Stick with it and you could become a regional maintenance manager for a portfolio of communities!
  • Positions are hourly with overtime opportunities.
  • Some companies will offer monthly or quarterly bonuses and other perks.

Housing Benefits

Some employers offer rent reductions of 20% or more and many employers take it out of your check for you. 

To learn more, view our Maintenance Technician Brochure. This brochure describes compensation, benefits, and other advantages of the maintenance technician career path.

Maintenance Professional

Love helping people and working with a team? Employers provide on-the-job training for maintenance skills and hire applicants who have a positive attitude. Learn more about whether this is the perfect career for you.

Residential Property Management Career Benefits

Job Security

  • 11,000 new jobs created every year.
  • Projected demand for 4.6 million new apartments by 2030.
  • Demand grows consistently – even during a recession.

Comprehensive Benefits

  • Health insurance, 401k retirement plan, and life insurance.
  • Paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave.
  • May include rent reduction and the ability to work from home.

Career Growth

  • Companies typically promote from within.
  • Companies offer continuing education opportunities.
  • Companies may offer tuition assistance.