BRAA Code of Ethics & Standards of Conduct

We the members of the Baton Rouge Apartment Association, Inc. recognizing our duty to the public and the intimate nature of the relationship between the apartment resident and the owner, or manager, and being aware of the vastly increasing role of the apartment industry in providing the home of the future, and in order to provide the apartment residing public, with the maximum in quality and service upon the highest standards of honesty and integrity, do hereby bind ourselves, with each and every member, together and alone, agreeing that, so long as we remain members of the Baton Rouge Apartment Association, Inc. and so long as nothing contained herein shall be unlawful, we shall:

  1. Promote, employ and maintain a high standard of integrity in the establishment of all other rental obligations and services in the operation of our apartment projects;
  2. Maintain and operate our apartment projects in accordance with fair and honorable standards of competition, ever mindful of the purposes of the Baton Rouge Apartment Association, Inc. in compliance with the By-Laws of thereof, and will not buy personal contact engage in any act of solicitation of residents of other apartment properties, nor enter onto another apartment property for this purpose with the intent of placing solicitous material on said property. Moreover, while it is recognized that direct mail solicitation is lawful and is generally accepted in the industry as a legitimate marketing tool, any such direct mail solicitation will be restricted in content to explaining the features of the property or properties being advertised, and will not by any express means, denigrate of the property wherein the residents currently reside, nor make comparison of any amount of the rent; apartment square footage; interior furnishing; security; or amenities;
  3. Strive continually to promote the education and fraternity of the membership and to promote the progress and dignity of the apartment industry in creating a better image of itself in order that the public may be better served;
  4. Seek to provide better values, so that an even greater share of the public may enjoy the many benefits of apartment living;
  5. Established high ethical standards of conduct with apartment rental agencies, suppliers, and others doing business with the apartment industry;
  6. Endeavor to expose all schemes to mislead or defraud the apartment residents, through advertising or otherwise, by means of deceptive, misleading or fraudulent statements, misrepresentations or the use of implications, unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability.

Adopted  3/22/1990